Wellness Wednesday: Bring on the Girl Scout Cookies

///Wellness Wednesday: Bring on the Girl Scout Cookies


If your office is anything like ours, then you’ve probably seen an order form or two for Girl Scout cookies floating around the office kitchen.

If you’ve held out from buying a box, or even if you haven’t, the writers over at www.greatist.com have compiled 9 recipes from various blogs of Girl Scout cookie replicas that have been adapted with healthier ingredients and a lot less sugar.




Here are our top 5 favorites:

  1. No-Bake Samoas Cookie Granola Bars:
    This easy to make alternative is vegan, gluten-free, fast, and requires no baking.
  2. Sinless Samoas:
    Another vegan and gluten-free version of Samoas that only requires 6 ingredients.
  3. Paleo Thin Mints:
    Satisfy your inner caveman with this Paleo approved dessert.
  4. Thin Mint Smoothie:
    This smoothie offers a classic blend of mint and chocolate that is sure to satisfy your cookie craving. With ingredients including Greek yogurt and spinach, you can add this into your breakfast routine, guilt free!
  5. No-bake Tagalong Cookies:
    These vegan treats are overflowing with peanut butter and chocolate!

Though these healthier versions of your favorite cookies will be just as easy to consume in one sitting as traditional Girl Scout cookies, just remember that everything is better in moderation.

Source: http://greatist.com/eat/healthy-girl-scout-cookie-recipes


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