Fitness App of the Week: Healthy Habits

///Fitness App of the Week: Healthy Habits

According to research, it can take up to 60 days to form a new habit. Healthy Habits helps hold you accountable, with reminders and rewards along the way to your goal!

This app helps you: define a habit, set a goal, track your actions, and celebrate your success! healthy habit

Features include:

  • Custom reminders
  • Scheduled daily reminder or alarm
  • Large Habit Library
  • Create Custom Habit
  • Custom Motivations and Rewards
  • Reports/graphs
  • Share your progress with friends
  • Add your own photos for motivation (Possibly some from your Pinterest fitness board?)
  • Statistics tracking
  • Motivational quotes

Available for Apple products only from the app store!

Tell us what healthy habit you’ve stuck to!


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