50+ Health and Wellness Apps to Help You Reach Your Goals

//50+ Health and Wellness Apps to Help You Reach Your Goals
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50+ Health and Wellness Apps to Help You Reach Your Goals

Cathy Siska COO

Cathy Siska
Chief Operating Officer

Happy 2018! To kick off your New Year’s goals, we’ve gathered all the best health and wellness apps to assist you on the go, at home and at work.

Health / Pharmacy / Chronic Disease Management

  • Insurance carrier App – Get information about your plan, elections, and more while you’re on-the-go. Some of the top carriers mobile apps are listed below:

  • Telemedicine Provider App – Check if your health plan covers telemedicine then download the app. Some examples include: Blue Cross Online Visits, AmWell, MDLive, Doctor on Demand, etc. These apps provide fast, easy, and secure access to board-certified physicians. Some services offer coupons for your first use. Even if your health plan does not cover telemedicine, you may utilize some of these services, possibly with a higher cost for your visit.

  • HealthTap – Get expert advice from top doctors, available 24/7.

  • mySugr – Good for those with diabetes or at-risk for diabetes to learn how the foods you eat affect your blood glucose levels.

  • MyQuit Coach – A free app to help make quitting a reality. Get a personalized plan to stop smoking, for good.

  • Migraine Buddy – A supportive website and mobile app to track your migraine headaches. It can help identify triggers and reduce medication use and you get to know your symptoms better.

  • Clue – A period and ovulation tracker to help women understand and track their cycles.

  • Sleep Cycle – An alarm clock app that also tracks your sleep patterns. It sets off your alarm during a light sleep phase, to help make waking up easier.

  • Power Nap App – The cutest power nap alarm clock comes with cute cat imagery and relaxing sounds to help you get refreshed. (iOS only)

    Power Nap App

  • Sleepio – This app uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to create a sleep improvement program.

  • Drugs.com Medication Guide – An easy way to lookup drug information, identify pills, and check on interactions.

  • KidsDoc – A symptom checker specifically for your kids. At home or on-the-go, get recommendations for next steps when your child isn’t feeling well. (iOS only)

  • First Aid – From the Red Cross, get information on handling common first aid emergencies. (There’s also a version for pets!)

Mental Well-Being

  • Happify Provides guided exercises to help create positive change in your emotional health and well-being.

  •  H*nest Meditation App Meditation plus some *ahem* some salty language!

  • Talkspace An app for online therapy and counseling including couple’s counseling. Costs apply for the type of service you select.

  • RelationupOur relationships can be a large cause of stress and anxiety get relationship advice from experts.

  • Calm Guided medication to help relax, sleep better and relieve stress.

    calm app

  • Headspace Guided meditation and mindfulness.

  • Mindshift Specifically designed to help teens and young adults manage stress and anxiety.

  • Moment Ever wonder just how much time you and your family spend glued to your screens? Track screen time and set daily limits. (iOS only)

    moment app

  • Lumosity Games and Training to keep your brain in shape.


  • Couch to 5K (C25K) From ZenLabs, this training app will help you ramp up to completing a 5K! They also have created several other apps to help you meet your fitness goals.

  • Aaptiv Trainer-led, music-driven workouts to follow at home, at the gym, or on-the-go.

  • Map My Run & Map My Walk –  Use these apps to track your walk or run. They also integrate with many fitness tracker apps to ensure accurate data.

  • Spotify Running Get music in tune with your pace. Spotify Running picks songs to match your cadence.

    spotify running app

  • Sworkit Workouts for all skill levels.

  • Charity Miles Earn money for charities as you stay active! Win, win!

  • CycleCast No need for a spin class with this app. Get hit music and guided training at home or on the go.

  • Fitbit/Garmin/Etc. – Get the most out of your fitness tracker by using the companion mobile app.

  • Zombies, Run! Make your runs less boring with this app that leads you on inspiring missions in our outside the gym.

  • Daily Yoga Take the yoga studio on the go with this app with high levels of personalization based on your skill level and available time.

  • Performance Stretching Safe, guided stretching to get you warmed up or cooled down.

  • CARROT Fit A funny workout app, with a “fitness overlord” to train you.

Weight-Loss / Diet Management

  • My Fitness Pal A free calorie counter, diet and exercise journal. Free and paid versions.

  • MyPlate Another option for a calorie tracker, powered by LIVESTRONG.COM. User-friendly and more visually appealing that My Fitness pal.

  • Lose It! Another free app similar to MyFitness Pal used to track calories and activity.

  • Noom Coach Get customized course to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

  • DietBet Earn money for losing weight? You can with DietBet. Join challenges and earn when you meet your goals!

  • Zipongo A digital nutrition platform to make it easier to choose, buy and prepare healthy foods.

  • Fooducate Eat better, lose weight, be healthy, and use Fooducate to help you do it. Fooducate motivates users to achieve their diet, health, and fitness goals and educates them on healthy food alternatives.

  • HealthyOut Helps you find healthy choice when eating out. Our favorite part? The “Not a Salad” filter!

What are your favorite wellness apps? Did they make our list? Good luck on your wellness journey!

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