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The Multi-Generational Workforce, Employee Benefits, and Technology

Millennials and technology go hand in hand, literally, because if you’re part of this generation, you’re probably reading this off your iPhone. But technology in the workplace isn’t just for your young team members, employees of most ages want accessible technology that makes their lives easier.

Companies that fail to incorporate new tech tools may be at a disadvantage when it comes to hiring and retaining employees, not just millennials, who are commonly assumed to be the only job-hopping, tech-obsessed generation. The implications for HR are significant, as messages from this department must reach all generations in the workforce.

“If [for example] an organization has not evaluated their HR-service delivery model and maybe, more importantly, the technology footprint they are currently using to deliver those services, they will be doing the organization a major disservice,” says Damon Lovett, vice chair of the board of directors for the International Human Resource Information Management Association (IHRIM).

Benefits traditionally have not been communicated via social media, online enrollment, and email. More online collaboration is now expected in the workplace, and given the nature of the “24/7” workday, providing tools for constant communication is crucial.

Picture your last open enrollment season. If you’re in HR or management, was it a headache to get busy employees to fill out 3 forms of paper and return to you, in person, by a given date?

If you are an employee, did you become frustrated when your questions and concerns about benefits had to be answered between 9 to 5 pm because you forgot your employee benefits packet of information in the office in your third desk drawer?

Regardless, one thing could solve both problems: technology, specifically, online enrollment.

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Online benefits enrollment isn’t new, but it has still been a slow adoption for some, typically due to culture and/or cost. If your company demographics are heavily Gen X and Gen Y, you should be implementing online enrollment to increase engagement in benefits and help you meet your enrollment deadlines.

There are currently about 61 million Gen Zers (already a larger group than Gen X) who will be entering the workforce and will continue to push for technology-enhanced work experiences. These young workers will likely not remember life with smartphones, they desire personalized day-to-day experiences and social connection. Well-rounded, custom, and automated benefits and wellness programs will make your company attractive to these future employees.

Not so many youngsters in your office? Don’t think you’re out of the woods – many older workers – especially Baby Boomers are also heavy tech users – consider how online enrollment can offer a better experience for almost all your employees.

For example, millennials are already the most cost-conscious decision makers when it comes to health care, other generations may find online enrollment a bridge to also become better health care consumers. Your online benefits platform can become a knowledge base for all employees, especially if it is customized with personalized recommendations and helpful resources.

Cost conscious millennials benefits

Figure: EBRI.org

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For employees, online enrollment offers a 24/7 opportunity to view, make decisions, share information with their spouse or family, and ask questions. An online benefits platform is a year-round reference for benefits information, further easing the common benefits paperwork overload for your employees and their families.

Utilizing an online enrollment system not only eases administrative burdens of HR, but it also helps efficiently communicate management’s message to employees about benefits, increasing engagement and understanding.

How do you plan to combine technology, HR, and benefits this year? Contact Austin Benefits Group for a no-hassle demo of our SMARTBENEFITS online enrollment platform.

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This post was first published in 2015 and was last updated in 2018. 

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