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Why Use Social Media?

Most people (including your employees and their families) are already using multiple social media platforms on a daily basis, often logging in several times per day. What better channel could you find to promote and develop your wellness program and community? Your employees are much more likely to see a post on social media than a break-room poster that they’ve walked by every day for the last six months. Social media is an effective place to spark conversation, engage with employees and develop a community of wellness.

So, where should you start?

First, you’ll need to choose which social platforms to use. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular and where you’ll be easily able to get your wellness message in front of your employees. Consider using multiple accounts to better appeal to different audiences. Facebook tends to have an older audience, while Twitter seems to be more popular among young people. Use separate accounts for these communications to keep the message internalized, or try a private group on Facebook. Create a specific hashtag (or multiple) to use in your accounts like #CompanyNameWellness, #CompanyNameTips, #HealthyCompanyName, so your wellness communication can be easily found with search functions.

Promote your wellness program social media accounts in multiple ways: email communications, internal meetings, company intranet, or pass out printed cards for employees to pin up at their desks. Your wellness program communication is more effective as a result, catering to a wider range of employees depending on their communication preference.

Make sure to point out the specific benefits of following and engaging with the accounts so your employees will be more likely participate:

  • Quick, easily-digestible healthy living tips
  • Money saving ideas and tricks
  • Supportive Community
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Stay-in-the-Loop

Now, build your success!

Have a clear plan in place, know which platforms you will be focusing on and how often you want to post. Have a designated manager of the social accounts who is knowledgeable about both the wellness program and social media marketing. Utilize an account management system like Buffer or Hootsuite to make scheduling a breeze. Consider that each platform has different times that are best to post for the highest amount of engagement, check out this article for a super in-depth review of social media scheduling.

Here are some ideas of what to post on your internal social media accounts:

  • Wellness related Tweets, Retweets from Industry Leaders
  • Information about wellness activities, events, classes, etc.
  • General information about aspects of your specific wellness program
  • Success stories from employees (with permission)
  • Pictures, Video, Infographics (visual social media posts are proven to have higher engagement)
  • FAQ’s

Looking for social media post templates and examples? Download our FREE Succeed with Social Media Sample Posts PDF for your reference by filling out the simple form below. Follow our social media accounts and the Benefits Blog for ideas and inspiration!

Take your wellness program social today! Questions about how to get started? Tweet @AustinBenefits or send us a message on Facebook for help creating and managing wellness social media accounts.

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