Top 12 Employer-Provided Benefits of 2017 [Infographic]

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Last year, we featured the top 12 employee benefits and perks of 2016 per Glassdoor’s annual survey. We’ve updated the list for 2017.

It’s no surprise that Facebook makes a second appearance on the top 12, being well-known for their generous employee benefits package. “The worst thing is that there are so many perks and benefits you may not know about all of them.” —Current Facebook Employee

There are also many generous health & wellness benefits and parental leave policies making an appearance in 2017. These two areas are both hot topics for this year and in the future. You’ll notice that not all of the benefits provided are at a high cost, which shows that any employer, big or small, can provide unique and valuable benefits with creative thinking.

Top 12 benefits 2017
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