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10 Ideas to De-Stress in the Office

Many people experience stress at work at some point during their life. A high level of stress can affect your ability to carry out your work, sleep well, engage with others, or even enjoy your hobbies. To keep your stress level in check try out some of our stress management tips to give yourself a break during the workday, then create a routine when you find options that work for you!

  1. De-stress your environment: A quick and simple way to help relieve stress is to alter your environment in small ways. Add photos of loved ones or bring in a small plant to enjoy.
  2. Stress Relieving Activity Accessories: Play soundscapes, keep a stress ball, or small desk puzzle at your desk to give yourself a specific release when you need a break.
  3. Walk it Off: Walking requires no investment, just head down to the parking lot on your break and take a stroll, invite co-workers with you for support.
  4. Find a “Chill” Room: Is there a spare office, or private eating area in your workplace? Getting up from your desk and moving to a new environment for a short time can be very helpful for shifting your mindset.
  5. Self-Massage: It’s no secret that massage is a great technique to relieve stress. Try out some of these self-massage techniques for different ailments including headaches, hand stiffness, and back pain.
  6. Essential Oil Therapy: Using the natural effects of essentials oils has a long tradition and is becoming more popular than ever. Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Bergamot, Jasmine, Orange, and many more are good options for stress-relief. Blend your own personal favorites to create a roll-on oil, lotion, or use a mini diffuser at your desk.
  7. Relaxation Breathing: Stress can be physical, slow down by focusing on your breathing. See more relaxation tips.
Deep Breathing Meditation Tips

8. Tea over Coffee: We’ve come to associate coffee with energy, but teas can have a more positive effect on the mood and overall health. Try jasmine, lavender or chamomile teas for calming effects; if you suffer from a nervous stomach when you’re stressed try a ginger tea. Bonus: try these blended in a green tea to keep your caffeine and help lose weight over time and regular use

9. Stretching out Physical Stress: Try these “at your desk” stretches for quick relief in minutes during the workday.

10. Take Notes & Slow Down: Research has shown there are tremendous benefits to journal writing both physically and mentally. Writing relieves stress and improves your mood by providing a platform for your voice. Journaling can bring awareness to causes of stress and help you sort out your thoughts and feelings in a no-risk space.

If you feel overwhelmed by stress at work, ask for help! Talk to your primary care physician for a recommendation or you can talk to your HR representative to see if your company offers any Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that can provide you with additional resources for managing stress. Read more about EAPs here.

Want help developing a wellness program at work to help your employees with stress management? Contact Austin Benefits Group today at 888.277.0077.

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This article has been modified and was originally posted in June 2016.

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