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Employee Benefits Communication

Employee Communications

Benefits education is a big task. One that we’ve perfected throughout the years.


Custom & Easy to Understand

Uncomplicating the complexities of employee benefits with custom communications.

Clarity and Confidence

Personalized employee communications materials that explain benefits in a fun, interesting and easy-to-understand way.  And yes…we said fun!

Employee Resource Center

Access important tools and benefit information in our extensive Resource Center.

Access Any Time

Your employee can stay up-to-date with the latest benefit trends, wellness information and carrier updates.

Improve Employee Engagement

Benefit satisfaction leads to happier and more engaged employees.

Illustrating Value

We understand the complexities that your employees face when selecting their benefits plans that’s why we create custom materials using real-world examples.

We go to great lengths for your employees.


Stars and Stripes - Austin Benefits Group Office

Chances are your employees won’t understand the full value of their benefits package. We don’t expect them to comprehend their entire plan immediately. That’s why as experts in the industry, we make it our job to help them through the process. So your employees can get the most out of their benefits.

We build a relationship with your employees to offer them full-service, ongoing support. If they need help to choose the right benefits plan, they can give us a call. If they don’t know where to start when it comes to navigating different insurance carriers, we’ll walk them through the process. If they have a claim issue that needs to be resolved, we’ll sift through the paperwork to help fight their battles. With Austin, your employees will have a trusted partner who will help them with the following:


  • Custom Enrollment Materials (paper and online/mobile available)

  • New Hire and Orientation Packets

  • Open Enrollment Meetings

  • Benefits Tutorials

  • Branding and Marketing Services

  • Live Support Center

  • Claims Assistance

  • Online Resource Center


Beyond SmartBenefits.

Check out our weekly blog posts for expertise and resources that go beyond benefits.

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