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Industry Specialities

Employee benefit solutions tailored to your business needs.

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Small Business

Small Business, Big Benefits

You’re a tight-knit group. Your benefits should reflect your company’s values and employees’ needs. Austin can help tailor a total employee care package, keep you compliant, and take care of the administration. Let our experts handle your benefits from start to finish, so you can focus on the bottom line.

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Middle Market

Unique Needs = Unique Benefit Solutions

Listening, understanding and strategizing to meet the needs of your employees while maintaining the bottom line. Your business is our business and your goals are our goals. Add in our benefit expertise in the middle market and world-class service. We will take your employee benefit offerings to the next level, and save you time along the way.

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Large Corporations


Delivering modern employee benefit solutions while providing world-class support for you and all your employees. That’s HR simplified. Our experts handle all of the administration, we communicate directly with your employees to resolve carrier claims. It’s the personal support your business needs.

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Individual Insurance

Personalized Coverage

Whether you need help finding health insurance on or off the exchanges, adding more life insurance to protect your family, or want expert guidance on specialty products like Critical Illness or Accident coverage – we’re here for you. Request a consultation with one of our experts today.

We make it our business to get into your business. Don’t worry. We’re not going to get into your personal business. But we do take your business very personally. Every industry is unique. We take the time to understand what you and your employees need and we’ll customize a benefits package around your specific goals. Just like you, we’re experts at what we do. Understanding your business and meeting the unique needs of your industry is our specialty.

We have worked with a wide array of industries to provide the custom-tailored employee benefit solutions:

Your industry demands close attention to detail. Reading the fine print and double (if not triple) checking are natural habits of individuals at your firm. Simply put, perfection is a virtue of your industry, which is why we work hard to customize the perfect plan for you and your employees. We have worked with the Association of Legal Administrators and legal firms across the country to better understand the needs that are unique to your business. Our experience and depth of knowledge helps us tailor a sophisticated plan that will meet the different needs of all your partners and staff. Additionally, our benefits consultants are available to walk you and your employees through every detail of your benefits package, even the fine print. Because at Austin Benefits Group, it’s our virtue to provide your firm with the perfect plan.

As experts in the health care industry, you know which doctors are the best in their field. So when it comes to health benefits, you want to provide yourself and your employees access to the top physicians in the area. Our partnership with a wide-array of providers allows you to do just that. We have built strong relationships with the leading health insurance agencies that are accepted by some of the most trusted specialists, clinics and hospitals. You’ll not only get to choose from one of our great providers, but we’ll also help you customize a plan that suits the needs of your industry and most importantly, your employees. We’re the best in our field. So you can trust us to provide you with the best benefits solution, especially when it comes to your health.

On an assembly line, quality is all about how well something is put together. The same can be said about a benefits package. It’s the details in every step of the process that make the difference, which is why you can trust in the Austin difference. From design to enrollment to implementation, we’re with you throughout the entire process to help you develop a benefits package that will meet the specific needs of your industry.

As a Michigan-based company, we’ve worked with a variety of businesses in the manufacturing industry. So we understand the importance of having a plan that’s simple, affordable and most importantly, protects. We take into consideration the challenges of the unionized workforce and the need for having excellent disability coverage. And we work with our providers to offer you the best options, especially when it comes to short-term disability, long-term disability and life insurance. With Austin Benefits Group, you’ll have a partner every step of the way to guarantee you an employee benefits package with upmost quality and value.

Your organization exists to serve a specific mission. So of all the industries, your employees are dedicated to their jobs because of their personal passion and commitment to a greater vision. As a nonprofit, we recognize your desire to serve the community with limited expenses and resources. Most of your funds are received through donations and grants and many nonprofits don’t own shares. That’s why we help you customize a plan that compensates your employees with additional benefits such as generous vacation time, flexible work schedules, low premiums on medical and dental insurance and good retirement plans. We support your mission to make a difference, which is why we make it our mission to design an employee benefits package that reflects your organization and works within your budget.

As real estate agents, your employees vary in their years of experience, number of sales and overall income. You may have an individual who closes on million dollar homes and another who is just starting to close some deals. So when it comes to designing an employee benefits package, it’s important to offer your workers a flexible plan. We take into consideration agents’ needs that are specific to the industry, such as a commission-based salary. And we’ll design a benefits package that will meet the specific needs of every individual in your company. That’s why you can trust our benefits consultants to customize a plan that will maximize the options for all your employees. Let Austin Benefits Group be your agent when it comes to designing the best benefits package.

You understand that a strong foundation is essential to building something that lasts. At Austin, our foundation is rooted in years of developing smarter strategies to provide construction businesses like yours with the best benefits package. You can trust us to build a plan that’s reliable, not only presently but also over the course of time. That’s because we understand the potential risks of your industry. So we invest in dependable coverage for your future. We’ll customize a plan that offers excellent long-term care, disability and life insurance. Plus, we also offer your employees full-service benefits consultants who will help them understand their plans and use it with ease. Austin Benefits Group recognizes the heavy-duty demands of your industry, which is why we make employee benefit solutions no sweat by helping you plan, strategize and construct a plan that will meet the needs of your construction business.

As educators, you’re creating tomorrow’s future generation, which is why we help create an employee benefits package that is mindful of your future. The state offers public school teachers and staff a competitive plan. So we understand how important it is to design a valuable benefits package that will meet the needs of private school educators. Our benefits consultants are with you throughout the process to answer your questions. We’ll educate you and your employees on everything from choosing a provider to tax favored products to HSA and FSA. We understand that developing and implementing a benefits package can be confusing, which is why our benefits consultants help make the process as easy as ABC. Plus, we work within your budget to provide you with a cost-efficient package. We’ll invest in finding you the best product at the best price, so you can continue to invest your time and resources into our future generation.

Communications is a creative field. So you want to design an employee benefits package that reflects your company. At Austin Benefits Group, we provide you with a plan that’s flexible, innovative and smart, just like you and your employees. You can trust our benefits consultants to help you craft a plan that will meet the diverse needs of all your workers, from the CEO to the recent graduate. Our close relationships with a variety of providers also give our clients the advantage of having more choices to their benefits package. So when you choose Austin Benefits Group, you get the tools to design a benefits package that will meet the needs of all your employees, no matter how big or small their demands may be. Enjoy the freedom of being creative, especially when it comes to customizing your employee benefits package.

When it comes to building great businesses, you’re accustomed to evaluating an organization from top to bottom and assessing the type of investment necessary to see it succeed. You evaluate the operations, crunch the numbers, build a plan for organic growth, explore possible acquisitions and add resources where necessary. So when it comes to analysis of employee benefits, you need a partner that understands your process. One that can develop a cost strategy that drives money back to the bottom-line. You should feel confident that one of the largest expenses next to payroll is under control with your Austin partnership. We’ll be with you every step of the way. From a company in its infancy to an organization on its way out, the Austin team makes sure your benefits ROI contributes to your success.

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