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Benefits Plan Administration

Plan Administration

We handle it all from start to finish, it’s how we simplify HR.

Dedicated Account Specialists

Your dedicated team stays with you throughout the entire benefits process.

We've Got Your Back

From enrollment processing to coverage changes and reporting, your dedicated Austin team always has your back. Claim issues, no problem! Our team does it all, every step of the way. That’s how we simplify HR.

In-Depth Reporting

Making smarter decisions with our in-depth reporting and analysis process.

The More You Know

Make the best decisions for your organization by using our suite of reporting tools. We’ll run all of the reports and provide you with our analysis and recommendation to make sure you have the most competitive benefits in your industry.

Unparalleled Service

We're there when you need us whether its face-to-face, phone, email, or text.

High-Level Service

The Austin team is here for you year-round, not just at open enrollment. Whether its your CEO, the HR manager or your receptionist, we’re ready to take your call.

Our strategy is simple: Give your business the support it needs to succeed.


Have you ever worked with an agent that you only saw once per year at renewal? Perhaps your agent facilitates all transactions via email, so you haven’t seen him for years. Chances are they don’t know much about what’s changed in your organization, your growth plans or the challenges you’re facing. So it’s likely they aren’t giving you the advice you need, and you’re left holding the bag of the duties for day-to-day administration. If so, you understand the time and resources this requires. And that means you also know the significance of outsourcing administration to a trusted partner.

At Austin, we build relationships with our clients that extend beyond the initial benefits enrollment meeting. We’re here throughout the year to help make your job easier. From HR consulting and administration to processing employee changes; when you partner with us, you will experience the Austin 365 difference. Our support, 365 days a year, no exceptions.

  • Benefit Trends
  • Healthcare Costs
  • Fully Insured or Self-funded
  • Employer-Sponsored and Voluntary Products
  • HR Consulting/Resources
  • Complete Marketplace Analysis

  • Best Practices for Managing Rising Healthcare Costs

  • Innovative Plan Design

  • Contribution and Cost-Sharing Strategies

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