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The 2019 Wellness Calendar is Here – Get it Today

2019 is right around the corner, which means it’s finally time for a new Wellness Calendar. Our 2019 calendar features a brand-new interior design. More holidays are included along with more space to write some notes and goals for your month. A quick 2020 year at-a-glance is also included in the back of the calendar.

Even if your company doesn’t have an official wellness program, you can use this calendar to keep track of monthly health awareness initiatives and fun holidays to celebrate with your employees. If you want to take wellness to the next level, you can talk to an expert at Austin Benefits Group – no obligation or hassle!

2019 wellness calendar

Looking for fun initiatives to pencil into your new Wellness Calendar? Check out our ideas below:

January- Resolution Season

Step Challenge – Schedule in a 30-day Step Challenge and use our Checklist & Timeline. Weight-loss resolutions are popular at this time of year and your Step Challenge can help employees get started.

February – Heart Health

Blood Pressure/Cholesterol Screening Reminder – High blood pressure, cholesterol and other heart issues are very common and are easy to treat if identified. Remind your employees to get these screenings as part of their free preventive care services under eligible plans.

Share Heart Healthy Tips – check out these 15 heart-healthy ideas you can easily share by email or social media with your employees.

March – Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation – How are you showing appreciation to your employees? Offer a warm gesture of gratitude to your team – we’re talking about more than a pizza lunch! Even if you don’t have a budget for this celebration, you can keep it super personal by hand-writing thank you message to each employee. Your thank-you messages will have a big impact if you’re mentioning a specific project, effort, success of each person instead of a generic message.


Financial Tips – U.S. Tax Day is in April, so help employees by offering reminders, and include additional tips. Talk about your 401K, IRA, or other financial benefits. You can also keep it simple and post ideas for saving money in the short and long term.

Hydration Challenge – as the weather starts to heat back up, focus on healthy hydration habits. Create water intake trackers for individuals, create a giant tracker to showcase your team-wide results, and offer intermittent rewards for participation.

May – Mental Health Month

Depression Screening Reminder – Your employees can receive a free depression screening as part of their preventive services for eligible plans.

Comedy Special, TV Show, or Movie Screening Lunch – keep your next company-wide lunch free of stressful business updates. Watch comedy special, tv show or funny movie together to lift everyone’s spirits. Make sure to check on the content if you have a more conservative office or you can let employees vote on a selection of options.

June – Men’s Health Month

Wear Blue Friday (Friday before Father’s Day) – Go blue on casual Friday in support of awareness for Men’s Health Month.

5K Walk – The weather is warm, so look for a 5K that supports a cause that aligns with employees’ values. Most 5K events will be on a weekend or in the evenings, so look for ways to offer an incentive to attend. For example, offer to donate a certain monetary amount for every company attendee, give out company apparel or swag, etc.

July – UV Safety Month

Summer Picnic – Take your next company lunch outside and enjoy the sunshine. Just be sure to have sunscreen on hand. You can also use a pop-up tent, golf umbrellas, etc. to create temporary shade.

Walking Club – During warm months you can start your own daily walking club to encourage physical and mental health. You don’t have to limit your walking club to the lunch hour, try walking earlier in the day to avoid the hottest time of day, encourage better mood, and increase energy throughout the rest of the day.


Well-being Lunch Series – Host a weekly lunch and learn for your employees. Try out a new healthy catering option each week and talk about physical, mental, and professional well-being topics. Check out our list of 82 Well-Being Lunch & Learn Ideas.

September – Fall Health

Flu Shot Clinic – Flu Season is coming so contact a local provider to bring this service to your employees. Getting a flu shot in the office makes it much more convenient for your employees and you can even allow them to bring covered dependents to take full advantage.

Clean Hands – While allergy season may be on the way out, cold season is on the way in. Gift each employee with mini hand sanitizers or install auto-dispensing units throughout your office.

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mammogram Screening Reminder – Many health plans cover mammograms at 100% as part of preventive care services. Send a quick helpful email to employees about your plan’s coverage and a link to find in-network, local providers.

Fundraiser for Local Breast Cancer Support Charity – Mammogram screening may not be relevant to most of your employees, so show your support by holding a fundraiser. Offer an incentive for your employees to participate, for example, the Austin team holds regular “Jean Week” fundraisers and donate for a day or the whole week. The company often offers a 100% match for whatever amount our team raises.

Healthy Halloween Trick or Treating – Instead of a sugar overload, challenge your team to come up with creative and healthy treats to hand out for “office trick or treating”.

November – Healthy Holiday

Healthy Holiday Potluck – Host a “Friendsgiving” potluck-style lunch and challenge employees to bring dishes that feature healthy components. Check out our 31 Days of Healthy Holiday Recipes for ideas.

December – Safe Toys & Gifts Month

Adopt-a-Family – Support a family in need. Let employees pick out gifts and host a small gift-wrapping party to celebrate the season.

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