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The Best Lunch and Learn Ideas for Employee Well-Being

The Lunch and Learn or Brown Bag Sessions can be a standard in your successful wellness program. You can tailor your topics to share information that is relevant to your business and employees. Bringing in outside speakers can offer a refreshing change of pace without a large price tag.

To get you started on your Lunch and Learn program, we have gathered a big list of lunch and learn ideas for several areas of employee well-being. We’ve focused on the three areas of the wellness pyramid – physical, mental, and financial health, as well as some “professional wellness” ideas.

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physical well being
Physical Well-Being

  • Local gym or trainer for short exercise

  • Nutritionist

  • Men’s Health

  • Women’s Health

  • Children’s Health

  • Desk Stretches/Chair Yoga

  • How to Improve Your Sleep

  • Heart Disease Prevention

  • How Foods Affect Your Mood

  • Get to Know Your Fitness Tracker (after implementing a Step Challenge)

  • Sugar Detox and How to Avoid Cravings

  • Looking After Your Eyes at Work

  • Beverage Nutrition

  • Stress Snack Alternatives to Junk Food

  • How to Cut Down on Your Caffeine

  • How to Move More and Sit Less at Work

  • Super Food Nutrition

  • Diabetes Prevention & Management

  • How to Reduce Muscle Tension

  • Cooking Class/Demonstration

  • Self-Defense Classes

  • Build Your Home First-Aid Kit

  • Take on a Popular Diet & Stay Healthy (Nutritionist)

  • 100 Calorie Snacks

mental well being
Mental Well-Being

  • How to Improve Your Memory

  • Watch a TED Talk Together (Open Discussion After)

  • Decluttering for Peace of Mind (at work or at home)

  • Caregiving Assistance

  • Office Watch Party (local sports team, current events, Olympics, etc.)

  • Create a Vision Board for Your Goals

  • Creative Writing Workshop

  • Life Skills Classes (change tire, fix leaky sink, etc.)

  • How to Develop Better Listening Skills

  • Understanding and Managing Anxiety

  • How to Support a Loved One with Anxiety/Depression/Etc.

  • Time Management for Successful Work/Life Balance

financial well being
Financial Well-Being

  • Review Your 401(k) program

  • Saving for Vacation

  • Will & Estate Planning Tips/Advice

  • Retirement Planning Overview

  • Budgeting Tips and Methods

  • How to Save for College for Your Kids

  • Tips for Saving with Your FSA/HSA

  • Tips for Saving at the Pharmacy

  • How Being Eco-Friendly can Help Save Money

  • How to Choose a Financial Advisor

  • DIY Investing + Tools to Help

  • Small Changes Create Big Savings

  • Identity Security Tips

  • Home Office Security Tips

professional well being
Professional Well-Being

  • Holding Effective Meetings

  • Reaching Inbox Zero

  • How to Set SMART Goals

  • Building Your Personal Brand

  • Learn About Communication Styles

  • Giving and Receiving Constructive Criticism

  • Finding and Implementing Your “Power Hour” (Productivity)

  • Trending Time Management Techniques Such as “Pomodoro”

  • Overcoming Procrastination

  • How to Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etc.

  • Intro to Computer Programming

  • Intro to Web Development (HTML/CSS)

  • “Your Company or Department” Hacks

  • How to Manage Workplace Conflicts

  • Networking Practice (Elevator Speeches)

  • Toastmaster Style Public Speaking Help

Looking for even more wellness program ideas? Check out our Guide to Successful Wellness Programs and more free content on the Resource Center. Get benefits and wellness help from the Austin Benefits team – call us today!

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