Health Tips: 10 Simple Weight Loss Tips for Your Wellness Program

///Health Tips: 10 Simple Weight Loss Tips for Your Wellness Program

Losing weight: It’s something we all want, but it can be difficult to start as well as to stay on track. These 10 tips from fitsugar will help you start that lifestyle change, as well as keep it going!


  1. Limit Your Calorie Intake: It may seem obvious, but weight loss really is all about the math! To lose about 1 lb weekly, cut 500 calories a day from your usual intake. You can do this by dieting alone or a combination of diet and exercise.
  2. Keep a Food Journal: Keeping a running count of the calories you consume in a day a proven way to help you stick to your goals by holding you accountable for the types of foods you eat. Studies have shown that dieters who keep food journals lose more weight. You can use paper, or mobile apps like LoseIt!, can help out on the go.
  3. Be Constantly Active: Going to the gym or to yoga is a great way to get your exercise in, but every day things like taking the stairs, walking your dog, and gardening can help out too! These little changes can help you stay in an active frame of mind
  4. Stop with the Scale: Checking the scale once a week is a good way to monitor your progress, but if you are constantly stepping on it and worrying about the numbers, it will stress you out. The number will not change overnight, so save yourself the bad feelings and skip it.
  5. Always Eat Breakfast: Breakfast has and always will be the most important meal of the day, especially if you are trying to lose weight! Enjoy a hearty meal packed with fiber and protein within an hour of waking up, and it will actually ramp up your metabolism and keep you fuller longer, helping to stop you from raiding the snack cabinet at 10 am.
  6. Pack a Lunch: Take the time to pack your midday meal will help you stay committed to that healthy meal plan. Takeout = mystery calorie count, since many foods aren’t labeled. Packing your lunch will also help you stay on track with portion sizes, which many find to be the biggest hurdle when it comes to eating healthier.
  7. Healthy Foods Still Have Calories: Speaking of portion control, always remember: just because avocados, peanut butter and brown rice are nutritious, doesn’t mean serving sizes don’t apply! For a handy guide to portion sizes of calorie-dense healthy foods, click here.
  8. Use Mind Tricks: Having trouble with your portions? Cutting up your food into small pieces actually tricks your mind into thinking there is more on your plate and encourages you to eat slower, which will help you curb overeating. Eating off of a blue plate also tricks your tummy – the color is blue is considered a natural appetite suppressant!
  9. Mix it Up! Keep things fresh and new by changing up your workout routine in order to avoid reaching a plateau. Little changes like sprints at the end of a jog, going for a swim or taking a kick boxing class instead of your run are examples of things that will keep your muscles guessing!
  10. Pay in Cash: A study showed that people who paid in cash bought fewer indulgent foods when they were grocery shopping, so stop at the ATM first!


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