Tips for Workplace Wellness This Summer!

///Tips for Workplace Wellness This Summer!

Wellness in the workplace should be designed as something for your employees, not something you do to them. This is an important distinction, because by launching a wellness program you are asking for a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Naturally the warm summer months provide a great opportunity for people to get moving.

Here are 5 tips for workplace wellness this summer:

  1. Clean out vending machines and get rid of unhealthy snacks. Provide healthy options that are in season, like ripe Michigan cherries!
  2. Make your work hours flexible to encourage people to get active while the weather permits. Not all offices and industries can accommodate this, but having flex time in the summer allows for people to get out with their friends and family for swimming, water skiing, golfing and more.
  3. Walking or outdoor meetings are a great way to get your staff outside and active while not sacrificing a productive work day.
  4. Post motivational messages near the exists encouraging people to take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  5. Plan a company activity that incorporates healthy food and physical activity. Consider a “team-building” day.

Wellness is a journey, not a destination. Have fun incorporating different aspects of wellness into your company culture this summer!

Good luck!

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