Wellness Wednesday – Staying Healthy from Summer to Fall

///Wellness Wednesday – Staying Healthy from Summer to Fall

Wellness Wednesday - summer to fall








Happy Wellness Wednesday! Recently, we were named one of the 101 Best and Brightest in Wellness for the second time! The day after the announcement, we finished the final leg of our Summer 5k Series at the Detroit Zoo’s Run Wild at the Zoo event and felt we were doing fairly well in terms of company wellness.

Flash forward a week later, and we had a huge stash of bagels, donuts and muffins in our kitchen. It was a bit of a reality check, especially as fall rolls in and our warm summer days begin to fade. It also served as a gentle reminder that wellness is an ongoing process that takes consistent effort.

So, in the spirit of our recent wellness award, we are going to try and keep our healthier summer habits up and running and not replace them with the Friday pastry gluttony.

Here are some of the healthy habits we want to instill in ourselves and suggest to our clients to ensure we all make an effort to stay moving and healthy in the winter:

    • Walk during lunch. It’s proven that taking breaks and getting away from your desk is good for your brain and productivity, so the additional 30 minutes of activity a day will do your body (and mind) good. Don’t have time during work? Try a 30-minute walk in the morning or evening.
    • Plan your meals. Maybe planning and prepping every meal for a week seems a bit daunting, but planning one meal a day for a week is a great and feasible place to begin. If you start with planning your lunch, you’ll have one more defense against caving into the pizza order your coworkers try to talk you into, and you’ll probably save some money during the workweek. Another way to guard against unhealthy office eating is to portion out a couple snacks to bring to work. Pack a fruit and a protein into appropriate serving sizes to ensure you don’t overeat.
    •  Find a fitness or meal buddy. Getting fit and eating healthier is easier when you have someone to back you up and cheer you on. Eating healthier foods is also much easier when you’re not surrounded with people eating the unhealthy foods you crave. Talk to some of your coworkers and see who’s interested in forming a healthy lunch group where you can share recipes and work together to eat better.If you want to focus on fitness, ask some of your coworkers or friends if they have regular exercise routines. If they do, ask if you could join them; if they don’t, talk about the idea of starting one together.

Focusing on creating better habits is key, especially as the seasons change. It can be hard to transition from summer to fall, but if you make conscious choices to be healthier, it can make all the difference. Maybe next Friday we’ll have a veggie tray instead of bagels!

Interested in setting up a wellness program as we transition from summer to fall? Call us today to get started: (248) 594-5550.

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