Wellness Wednesday: Protein Packed Smoothies

///Wellness Wednesday: Protein Packed Smoothies

Post PictureDo you know how much protein you’re supposed to consume per day? According to Authority Nutrition, adults should try and get .36 grams of protein for every pound they weigh, per day.

Protein smoothies can be one of the easiest ways to consume part of your daily protein intake, plus they are portable making them a perfect option for breakfast on-the-go.

If packed with enough protein, smoothies can keep you full for hours which makes them a great option for breakfast, or a light dinner if you find you don’t have time to cook in the evening.


Once again, the writers over at www.greatist.com have compiled an impressive list of 34 smoothie recipes from various blogs. Here are our top 5 favorites:

  1. Blueberry Mango Smoothie:
    This smoothie only has 4 ingredients! The protein comes from plain fat-free Greek yogurt and a splash of dairy or soy milk.
  2. Coffee Banana Smoothie:
    Protein, fiber, and caffeine? You’ll be ready to tackle your Monday with this smoothie!
  3. Roasted Strawberry Protein Smoothie:
    A little more effort required for this smoothie, as a step includes roasting strawberries, but an interesting combo to try.
  4. Green Warrior Protein Smoothie:
    Get fueled up by trying this all-natural vegan smoothie that contains 17g of protein, and 12g of fiber.
  5. Chocolate Espresso Protein Smoothie:
    Get your coffee house frozen mocha fix with chocolate protein powder in this smoothie treat.

Check out the full list of protein packed smoothies here: http://greatist.com/eat/high-protein-smoothie-recipes

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