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2017 wellness calendar

Just a few days until the new year, and we have another gift for you! Download our free 2017 Wellness Calendar for electronic or printed use.

Each month of our calendar comes with tips on a new wellness activity or communication. It’s important to stay regular with the promotion of wellness in the workplace to encourage engagement and build trust from your employees.

Do you need help with additional ideas or complete implementation of a wellness program designed for your company? Now is the time to ask for help, so you and your employees can have a healthier 2017.

Wellness activities, even a simple step challenge, are a way to build great culture – when done right. It is especially important to get buy-in AND participation from leaders at the execuitve level, down to managers and supervisors. When these people have authentic enthusiasm, it will naturally lead to engagement from employees at all levels.

If you already have your wellness program in motion, don’t forget the importance of continuous motivation. While you always want to engage additional participants, give credit to those who are already participating. Make sure you provide meaningful and achievable incentives, along with giving credit for what they already do well. For example, if you know an employee who already participates in 5Ks use them as an ambassador (with permission). Recognize their achievements and ask them for tips to provide for other employees.

wellness program saves money
spend less on healthcare with wellness

When you have a successful wellness program, your employees feel that you genuinely care for them. They are also more likely to refer other great people to your company. That’s an impressive retention and recruiting combo. Just remember to keep perspective – ultimately wellness programs have to be about your employees first and your bottom line second.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce report “Winning With Wellness” 

2017 wellness calendar

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